School of Medicine

Research evaluation and special studies (RESS)

RESS introduces you to the skills needed to carry out research effectively including how to formulate research questions, gather information from a range of resources, make judgements on the quality of this, and draw conclusions.

RESS Year 1

Human Body Symmetry Project

This project will be based on an investigation into body symmetry which will involve developing a hypothesis, gathering quantitative data, inputting into a database and analysing the findings in order to test the hypothesis. You will be working in small groups with an allocated tutor. Set tasks in Term 1 will enable you to acquire and develop your research and evaluation skills. These skills will then be applied throughout the project and in your future RESS studies.

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Special Studies Research Project

In Term 2 the Special Studies Research Project will give you the opportunity to further develop and apply the research and evaluation skills you acquired in Term 1. You will be able to select an area of your particular interest from a menu of options and where possible we will try to ensure that you are allocated to one of your preferences. The activities you undertake will depend on the specific project but all SS-RP projects will include:

  • Using your information gathering skills to understand your chosen topic
  • To understand or develop research method
  • Analyse generated data or data provided using appropriate procedures
  • Present your findings
  • Draw conclusions
  • Evaluate
  • Use Endnote to manage references

RESS Years 3-5

ESREP 2014-16

More information on the Extended Student-led Research or Evaluation Project