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Admissions testing

Leeds uses the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) in its admissions process. BMAT, which is already widely used by UK medical schools, is designed and delivered by the Admissions Testing Service. Director of Admissions Dr Gail Nicholls said "The decision to move to the test was the right one - the aim was to use a tool with good face validity, a robust data set and predictive validity data that has been published. I also think that it will allow us to give applicants who cannot demonstrate their scientific academic potential to us by other means (e.g. mature applicants and some graduates) a better chance in this competitive field."

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Recommended medical apps

To support your learning, Leeds medical tutors and doctors have been reviewing relevant apps for iphone, Android and Blackberry. Find out which are the must have apps and which are best to avoid in the medical app review section.

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We believe in supporting our students throughout their time at the University, and provide a comprehensive range of support services which are freely accessible to all students.